What we do


Bienzobas is specialised in scientific, evidence-based oncology which facilitates optimisation of the resources available in oncology from the main healthcare providers, including insurance providers, public and private hospitals.

Bienzobas fulfils this mission in two complementary ways:
By providing a service of direct care to oncology patients through the Bienzobas network of physicians throughout Spain;
Or by advising on prescribing in thousands of cancer cases managed by external oncologists.
In both cases, prescriptions are uploaded to the Bienzobas online platform where they are evaluated as quickly as possible.
Bienzobas also has an Advisory Council with expert professionals on different types of tumours to consult as and when required.
In these two roles, Bienzobas is providing care for more than four million policyholders and carrying out more than 15,000 consultations annually.



Oncology care for insurance companies and hospitals by means of a management agreement.

Model: Bienzobas covers the costs of cancer treatment. Oncologists work directly with Bienzobas. For authorisation and, where appropriate, treatment evaluation, they use the Bienzobas oncology platform.

Treatment plan authorisation: The final decision is always made by the insurance company.


Model: Oncologists external to Bienzobas make their prescriptions and, through authorised agents, they can run them through our IT tool (Bienzobas Oncology Platform) where they are verified and authorised for treatment to proceed.

Bienzobas Oncology Platform: Access to all the benefits offered by the platform, such as real-time information, increased productivity, continuous monitoring, time and cost savings, standardisation, mobility and accessibility from any place, a database, statistics, ad-hoc reporting and cost management.

Treatment plan authorisation: Bienzobas aims to align the treatment plan with specifications from regulatory agencies, suggesting what is set out in the guidelines, and verifying policy coverage; if the insurer has specific protocols contracted, then it checks that these are adhered to.



Bienzobas Oncology has agreements with CROs and clinical trial units across Spain for including patients managed by Bienzobas Oncology in hundreds of ongoing clinical trials.

This can often be the best treatment option for the patient:

– It allows patients to access the most advanced medical protocols, always seeking out the very best treatment option;

– The sponsor of the trial covers the costs of medications.


The same services are offered through Medical Oncology: direct management and consulting.


The same consulting services are offered as in Medical Oncology.


The information obtained from all our different processes gives us a broad perspective for decision making based on useful data: a highly valuable tool for optimising health management. The Bienzobas digital platform uses structured data that allows us to obtain statistics based on a dataset that is rarely available in this medical discipline, making it possible to run simulations and make predictions.